Helping Develop Afterlife Communication Methods

AREI president, Craig Hogan, has been the editor of two books containing descriptions of a variety of methods of afterlife communication: New Developments in Afterlife Communication and Afterlife Communication: 16 Methods, 84 True Accounts. AREI supports dissemination of the methods to the general public through the books and a conference on New Developments in Afterlife Communication in 2014, a conference on Life in the Afterlife in 2015, and an upcoming symposium on afterlife communication in 2017. We continue to search for new methods of afterlife communication and encourage anyone who is developing a new method or knows of a method to contact us with information.

These are the methods we have been working with:

  1. Mediumship
  2. Instrumental TransCommunication
  3. Self-Guided Afterlife Communication (using self-hypnosis)
  4. Hypnosis induction for afterlife communication in groups
  5. Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy (Guided Afterlife Connections)
  6. Meditation for afterlife connections
  7. Use of pendulums
  8. Automatic or inspirational writing
  9. Spirit rescues and Lifeline
  10. Dream connections
  11. Psychomanteums
  12. Mirror gazing and black-mirror gazing