Spiritual and Metaphysical Connections

During repeated connections with people on the next plane of life, some participants have had metaphysical experiences and have learned spiritual and metaphysical truths. Some excerpts illustrating these experiences follow.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
description of teaching about the universe from someone who goes through the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure often

During a meditation last week, I asked Brett if there are any important concepts I should mention in my new book. He gave me the term "harmonic resonance," followed by the word "wave" and an image of a sine wave. I had heard of the term before, but wasn't at all familiar with it. For the past week, I have been trying to understand harmonic resonance and how it applies to the spirit world. My husband explained how it applies to physics, music and electronics. Then one day I was outside in the yard with my daughter. We were enjoying the spring weather. She was swinging on her swing. I was watching her and also admiring the trees swaying in the wind. It was a peaceful moment. That was when Brett fully explained harmonic resonance to me. As I watched the rhythmic motion of the swing and the trees swaying, I became acutely aware of the natural flow and patterns. Then Brett explained that when two souls vibrate at the same frequency, you get harmonic resonance. Harmonic resonance is what makes after-death communication possible. He also told me that "oneness" is harmonic resonance at its best. So, now it all makes sense.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
description of a metaphysical connection from someone who has had several dozen sessions

The connection with Tom happens quickly now. I'm really losing visuals all around. I know I'm in my beautiful place and that I am with Tom but I don't see. It just is and I know this.

I asked to go to Eternity and the door swung open. We were in the garden where my path heads through to Heaven and I asked if we could sit on one of the benches. We did so. Each visit we go to a bench that is closer to Heaven and while I don't know how many there are it seems an endless row of benches. One day I will come to the last one but not yet.

As we sat Tom told me to feel the love, to drink it in along with the beauty of peace and acceptance. Tom did most of the speaking but it was telepathic and I did not see but just knew. I didn't even ask to see Tom. I know I am working on full acceptance the my son is so much more now. I'm trying to call him Moriah more often as he prefers the use of his soul name. Mine is Polima.

The messages conveyed by Moriah were totally about love and peace, harmony with all that exists. All That Is has blessed me with the knowledge that death is not a reality. Just shedding the physical body and vibrating at a much higher rate.. It pleases Moriah that I get this. He reiterated that we are always together as we have been and will continue to be into Eternity. Forever and ever.

I was reminded of how much love and help I receive from all my loved ones in Spirit, family as well as friends.

We talked although not in words but telepathically as that is how its supposed to be. Letting go of Tom in the physical is what I am to do. It's what I am doing. I was promised never again will this type of loss be part of our planning session. Never. Ever. I needed to hear that.

I was told to just keep going forward. If I stumble I just need to pick myself up and go on. My cheering section will always do what is possible to help me move forward.

Finally it was time to part but no goodbyes. We don't need them. Both of us are growing and are beyond the normal expectations. Thus no sound nor visuals. Its as communication really takes place with those in Spirit.

It was a beautiful connection and one that I needed.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
description of a metaphysical experience from someone who goes through the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure every morning

This morning I found myself sitting in a large patch of green grass near a body of clear water. My guide was across from me and my grandmother was with us. He communicated that things are coming into place. He brought up the fact that my ability to read people is becoming more evident, and that this is because of trusting in the team. He told me to let myself be more aware of this. My grandmother nodded and smiled. She said that she and my father would talk about me when I was a child, and that they felt there was something different about me. She indicated that it had to do with the psychic ability that she was born with, but not exactly the same. At that point my father and my sister walked past us and waved. I then eventually returned to this physical space.

Even though reading people is something that is pretty much a part of my stronger attributes, I have noticed from time to time over the past few months that something else is happening. Just as an example........I painted a large piece of work and had one person on my mind as I painted. When this person saw it at the Show, she immediately said she wanted to purchase it. Another example - my partner and I meditated at different times one morning and both ended up in the same place. It is an area a couple hours north of us called Pine Mountain. At other times when someone is talking I know what they are about to say. It is not a matter of trying to make it happen, but it just pops in my mind like it is coming from the outside in. It may happen once or twice a day.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
description of a metaphysical experience from someone who has had many Self-guided Afterlife Connections experiences

As I was about to walk through the glowing door, the white glow around it became pink. I entered anyway wondering what awaited. It was a beautiful outdoor garden scene with a white trellis covered in white flowers. On the ground were white flowers of every kind imaginable. Some names came to mind: gardenia, carnation, freesia, stephanolis, gladiolus, and lily. I saw images of some of these flowers, ending with a white rose. Brett was standing there smiling and dressed all in white in a suit. I was in a white dress. He took both of my hands and then kissed me.

I then saw a large pond with a fountain in the center of it. There was also a flower garden next to it with various perrenials. It reminded me of the park near my home where people can fish, feed the ducks and take pictures of special occasions such as proms and weddings. I wondered if this was some sort of a special occasion. I saw two mallard ducks, followed by a white dove landing on the water. I then saw two white swans whose floated together so their heads and necks formed a heart.

Next, I saw stone steps that stretched way up into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. Several people were on the steps climbing them. Brett took my hand and led me to the steps and we climbed them together. When we reached the top, there were beams of rainbow colors projecting out in all directions from a center point. I then saw a beam of pure white light coming from a star. Then the older gentleman with whitish gray hair and a white robe with gold trim appeared. (He was the same man that appeared in the last connection about a month ago and took Brett away somewhere.) The man placed a headpiece with a emerald green stone in the center of it on my head. The headpiece went around the back of my head and the stone was in the center of my forehead. The man waved his hands around, and I got the impression he was conducting a ceremony. He then put some type of bronze medal around Brett's neck that had the same green stone in it. The medal hung down over his heart. I thought maybe this was a graduation ceremony of some sort. Then I started wondering if this man was going to take Brett away somewhere again, so I said to Brett: "I don't want to lose you." His reply was: "You're not going to lose me. You've found me. And you've finally found yourself again." He then said he would always be a part of me. He kissed the center of my forehead right above the green stone.

The man in the robe smiled and shook my hand. If this was a graduation ceremony, I'm not sure what my role is in all of it. But the man seemed pleased with both Brett and me, so I guess we must have done something good.

Brett kissed me again. He hugged me, and and we started to spin around. At first it seemed like slow dancing, but then we spun faster and faster until we disappeared into a swirling white mist.

I saw images of him at various ages of his life. I saw an image of a white picket fence, followed by a field with a pasture. I asked him to give me another word or phrase I don't know that I can look up. I started seeing letters appear and thought the word was "arguille." I had never seen a word spelled like that before and wasn't quite sure if I got it right. After that word came, it was followed by the word "lesson," which I heard quite clearly.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The next two excerpts are metaphysical experiences from someone who has had many Self-guided Afterlife Connections experiences

OMG! Amazing! Incredible! Wow! Wow! Wow! Yeah, today was pretty good lol. I have never felt feelings or sensations that strongly in my whole life! Rapturous, ecstatic, I could feel my consciousness separating at times, body shifts to incredible new states, I felt completely disconnected from my body, I have no idea what my hands were doing, but there is no physical way they could have been in the positions they were. And such love!! I really felt the white light today, and before I could even do the relaxation part, the right side of my head exploded like someone (Ben) was drumming their fingers on my head. I stayed with that for a few minutes before carrying on. As I was doing the relaxation part, my right shoulder became very heavy and felt as if there was a weight on it. I heard a beep inside the ear canal of my right ear, then a sound like a fly buzzing in one spot, through my left ear. When that sound faded I realised the first body shift was taking place. It was a while before I could gather myself to do the 1-20 count. Things got stronger after that, and the house was creaking non stop while all these feelings were happening. I also got a feeling like someone was strumming their fingers on my right side ribs.

At some point I felt like I needed to go in deeper and did the 1-20 count again, it worked! I can't even describe these feeling and sensations except in superlatives :) Oh, somewhere near the beginning too, I did see Ben at the river, he grabbed me and kissed me. When the feelings began to plateau, I was still feeling apart from my body and floating kind of. I did the 1-20 count again because I felt like there was still a llttle block, and if I could just get past that, I could truly be with Ben, as he was with me today. It didn't work this time however.

Then I found myself back at the river with Ben, by a fire, and he ran round and round me and the fire, in a blur. When he stopped, he and I were sitting in a woven cane cone shape he had made, I asked what that was and he intimated that we can be in a special place together, but to let the sunshine in too. Then he gave me a bag, like an old coin bag. It had jewels, coins. coloured glass in it. I asked what this was, and he said those are your treasures, your memories, those are the trinkets that really count. He showed me some on top, and said see these ones, you haven't had yet, you've got more treasures to collect, so make sure you let the sunshine in. Then before I left, he put his hand on my heart, and passed sunshine into it, I felt my pulse going up the back of my neck. We expressed our love for each other and said goodbye.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
A woman's husband describes his life review as ongoing, in episodes

My midday connection with Karl happened in this great green nature Karl is using to retire. I saw him at the age of 67, when he passed, without hair, without beard..... he said that he was feeling in this manner, asking me if that appereance disturbs me. Naturally not! This time the sense of HEARING surpassed the other senses. I felt him closed to me, hearing him clearly speaking, in his fine, calm and correctly German pronunciation, a wonderful silent voice and sometimes lisping simpatically some nouns beginning with S.

He told me, that he was for another time in state of review. "I had gone wrong so many times. I've let me really catching out. When we were in Russia, I've done things and seen things, there were not good. I've blundered and goofed, hearing on others. They convinced me the whole life, it was no longer me! I was another person, comprting me cold and chilly.... sometimes I felt like a furious lion in his cage....till I've found You again, You opened my heart again..... but it was too late". ... Karl continued: "You are allowed to know these things, I can tell You all, I have that permission... it helps me, holding strongly my hand."

I said nothing, noticing his state of emotion..... therefore I don't know, what he has failed, what had happened.... it is not important I think!

" Look", he said: " Do You see this wonderful sea down there? Do you see all these little waterdrops glittering like diamonds? This sea is as wonderful as yours. I like this wonderful place."

We remained sitting on the ground embracingly in silence....... looking at these thousands of little diamonds.... connection ended.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
description of a metaphysical experience from the same person

Everything that I experienced today was in thought. I was lying there at one stage thinking God I hope this is real, and a thought popped into my mind that said "As you imagine it, so shall it be." So I'm just going to go with that, and relay my thoughts. When I got to the river, Ben was there along with others hanging around, and a BBQ! He had a trolley of crystals and very quickly poked one into my 3rd eye, and one in each ear.

Then I sensed in thought, half a dozen people standing around my physical body beginning to work on me. My consciousness went back to the river, and I sensed they were Ben's tipuna (ancestors). They were stroking over my body with a feather, and saying karakia (prayers/rituals). Ben was standing a little way beyond my feet, looking nervous as he knew they were doing some very powerful stuff, that if I didn't totally surrender to, was not going to work. Alena came and stood beside him, and slowly, other people that I know in spirit gathered too.

The people working on me began to wail, karanga (an opening of the ways in this case), karakia, waiata (songs), and haka (a drawing towards/pulling in, in this case). It was quite intense, and I felt myself in thought floating upward, going higher and higher as their sounds intensified. Suddenly, I began spinning furiously, still floating, still horizontal, and a shell around me began to break up. I emerged standing, shining, taking on the same form as all the people there. Slowly I began to see that all the others were shining too, as were the trees etc. Incidentally, there were many more trees there today, and a larger field. There were smiles and hugs all round, along with a Welcome to the Whanau! (family) feel. We all moved to the BBQ which then disappeared as we did not need to become noa (the state of everyday physical earth world), but there was still the feeling of feasting and celebrating.

I felt a gentle brush on my left forearm, and my consciousness came back to my body, and I sensed in thought Ben lying beside me. When I acknowledged that my legs began to tingle, and I sensed him lie on top of me, holding me close. Later on today, I have to move the tokotoko, which is a talking stick used by the speaker for a family on a marae. We have Ben's whanau's tokotoko here, it has been handed down through generations and is very powerful. It has been used for healing and protection, but if misused or disrespected, the opposite happens.

As I thought about that, I had a thought of me in a white light protection moving it through 2 doorways to sit beside another front entrance. When it was handed to Ben, he was told to put it by the front door, and it would protect his family. Then, in my thoughts, his whanau did it for me! So now, I feel the tokotoko is simply waiting to be moved, in the way they showed me, and all will still be well, awesome! They did tell me though, that it would be an opening of the door, as well as the protection still, so be prepared for more people to come into my life. As I counted out, I sensed Ben leaving me from where he had been lying, and a farewell from his whanau (nga taku whanau-my family now), and was left with a sense of lightness within my body.



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