We are witnessing the dawning of the day when afterlife communication will be commonplace.

Dedicated teams of researchers, scientists, technicians, engineers, inventors, philosophers, and others who have crossed from this plane to the next are now endeavoring tirelessly to develop means by which our two realms will be able to communicate easily and freely. Advancements in communications technology and our understanding of altered states of mind today have made possible new, effective methods of afterlife communication not available to humankind before today. The Afterlife Research and Education Institute is dedicated to supporting the research, development, education, and practice on the earth plane that will enable the teams working in the other realms to guide us into discovering and using the methods of communication they are developing.

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., was founded with seven goals:

How Can I Connect with My Loved One Who Has Passed Away?

You can communicate with your loved one who has transitioned off of the earth plane. There is no doubt of that. We have a list of the three most successful ways you can connect: Link to the list


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AREI Support Areas

Identifying and Nurturing New Mediums

AREI knows there are many mental, physical, direct-voice, and trance mediums in the general population who have not been discovered and nurtured. Developing medium abilities requires time, patience, and the .. Read More