Meditation Evaluation 1

We are testing guided meditations to find out how successful they are in helping people have afterlife connections. We will disseminate information about those that are most effective. Join in testing meditations we have found. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Download the meditation from this link:
  2. Use headphones to listen.
  3. Go through the meditation during a time when you are not fatigued or stressed.
  4. Allow one hour for the full meditation. Once you start, don’t stop the meditation until the instructions and music are finished.
  5. Be in a space where you will not be interrupted. Tell family members you are going to meditate and ask them not to come into the room.
  6. Wear comfortable clothing.
  7. Sit upright. Don’t lay down or recline in a recliner. It’s too easy to fall asleep.
  8. Relax and enjoy the experience. Don’t evaluate or judge it as you’re going through it. You must go through it as a person interested in the experience, not a researcher.
  9. After you have finished the meditation, allow yourself to warm down a few minutes.
  10. Journal what happened during the experience. Include as much detail as possible, from start to finish. You won’t recall all of it. That’s fine. When you’re in the meditation, don’t focus on trying to remember so you can journal. Just enjoy the experience. Journal what you can remember.
  11. Include descriptions of any connections you had.
  12. Write your evaluation of the meditation, including strengths and weaknesses.
  13. Send your journal to

If you have questions, send Craig an e-mail at or call 309 808-2651.