Using Hypnotism in Afterlife Communication

Anyone can become receptive to the communications coming from loved ones who are only a thought away, just not in bodies. The person on this side of life must quiet the physical realm and allow the messages to come through, mind to mind. Normally, people are too preoccupied with life activities to relax, be quiet, and focus on the subtle messages coming to them. Hypnotism helps people enter the state of mind in which they can experience a connection and receive messages from loved ones in spirit.

We encourage any hypnotists who have methods of helping people experience afterlife connections to share them with AREI so we can make the methods available to others. As we learn new methods, we will post the scripts and instructions for using the methods on the website and describe them in the bi-monthly newsletter.

Group Hypnosis Scripts

Mark Pitstick and Craig Hogan have developed group hypnosis scripts that are successful with 70% of participants or more in helping them have afterlife communications in group meetings. Craig’s script is freely available for use with groups or individuals. Download the script

Self-Guided Afterlife Connections

AREI has developed a training program that leads participants through eight stages that teach the participants how to self-hypnotize to have afterlife connections. The method is 86% successful. The training program is free online at

Michael Newton Institute Life Between Lives

AREI is affiliated with the Michael Newton Institute in support of the organization and life-between-lives work. The life-between-life induction is a deep-hypnotic process that reconnects the participant with his or her soul self. It resulted from more than 25 years of research with over 7,000 clients.

As the Institute explains it, each of us is a combination of the energies, experiences, and learnings of countless previous lives with contrasting experiences that embody the variety of lessons our inner, eternal self seeks to learn in its quest for perfection. That core, eternal self, always searching for growth and new levels of understanding, is our soul self. The procedure results in a more complete perception of whom the participant really is as the sum total of the person’s past lives and the collaboration of the soul with other souls and with guides and teachers. It gives the person a sense of the eternity of the soul and an end to the fear of physical death. You can learn more about The Newton Institute on the organization’s website.

Rob Schwartz’s Hypnotherapy

Rob Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift, uses hypnotism to take the participant into four activities:

  1. Past-life soul regression
  2. Between-lives soul regression
  3. Spiritual guidance lessons
  4. Contacting deceased loved ones

You can learn more about Rob’s methods and make appointments for any of the four activities at his website:

Past-Life Regressions

Many hypnotists take people into a past-life regression to understand how events in past lives are impacting the person in this lifetime. One of the most complete, in-depth scripts that contains the procedure leading up to the induction as well as the induction itself is Henry Bolduc and Marjorie Reynolds’ procedure at Scripts

Another script freely available is Craig Lang’s script, at

Other Uses of Hypnotism in Afterlife Connections

AREI wants to know about other uses of hypnosis in afterlife communication to make the methods available to hypnotherapists. If you know about other methods, please contact AREI with information.