Supporting Efforts to Help People Understand the Death Transition

Modern society does not teach about the process of transitioning off of the earth plane. It is misunderstood and clouded in fears and superstitions. That is changing today as we understand the process better and are willing to speak about it and prepare for it. AREI supports efforts to learn about the transition and teach caregivers, families, and the people about to make the transition.

Shared Crossing Project

Shared Crossing Project is an organization that helps people prepare for the transition so they can talk about it openly, prepare for it, and share in the process. The Shared Crossing Project was founded in 2011 by AREI member William Peters, a licensed marriage and family therapist, to offer education and counseling for individuals and families interested in understanding the transition. The organization offers a variety of regular group meetings, workshops, and training events in Santa Barbara, California. Learn about the Shared Crossings Project. A video describing the program follows:

Ineke Koedam’s New National Expertise Center for Dying

AREI member and speaker at the 2015 conference, Ineke Koedam has established a model center in the Netherlands for helping people understand the transition. It is called the New National Expertise Center for Dying. Ineke launched it on May 24, 2016. The Center’s objective is to promote quality of life by enhancing knowledge about dying and the dying process. Ineke writes, “Through our efforts, we wish to share our knowledge, wisdom and experience with the Dutch public and educate volunteers and professionals in terminal healthcare and in the medical world to be better equipped. From our experience we learned that more insight and knowledge reduces anxiety and enhances trust.”

Members of the board are Pim van Lommel, senior cardiologist and author of Consciousness Beyond Life; Huub Oosterhuis, theologian, poet and author; theater director Adelheid Roosen; and Johannes Witteveen, former Minister of Finance and leader of the Sufi movement in the Netherlands.

Ineke’s book,In the Light of Death shows that the intensely spiritual experiences dying people have, such as visions that help prepare them for death, can be healing and often lead to transformation for the dying, their relatives, friends and carers, particularly if the experiences can be understood and discussed before the process of dying begins.