Communicating with the Minds of Nonverbal People

People who are in coma, are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, are autistically nonverbal, or are otherwise unable to communicate through normal means on the physical plane, have an eternal self or soul consciousness that is fully alert, lucid, and functioning normally. The rules of the earth plane require that the person is limited in the ability to communicate; that is part of the role they decided they would play before they entered the earth plane. It is part of earth school. They follow the rules dictating that they will not be able to communicate.

However, since the eternal self is perfectly normal, and even acutely more capable than normal people are on the earth plane, we can communicate with the eternal self. AREI is exploring the means by which people can communicate with the eternal self of a person unable to communicate through normal means. We hope to engage more people with this native talent in helping nonverbal people communicate with their caregivers and family. Eventually, we would expect that every hospital, nursing home, Alzheimer’s care facility, and other such facility would have people on staff who are able to communicate with their nonverbal patients and family members.

Evelyn Meuren Communicates with Nonverbal Nursing Home Patients

Evelyn Meuren, an AREI member from Italy, has begun to refine her ability to communicate mentally with nursing home patients she does volunteer personal grooming with who are nonverbal. As she has opened herself to the messages she gets, she has become more and more sensitive to them. This is her account of one recent episode:

Yesterday evening, after I helped with six people in three hours, I was resting for a few minutes in the garden with all the other nursing home residents. In front of me, I saw an old woman in a wheelchair struggling to move. She suffered from a condition that kept her from moving any part of her body or speaking words. Unable to communicate what was wrong, she became increasingly frustrated and began crying hysterically. The caregivers ran to her and examined her to try to understand what was happening. They found nothing that would cause the woman to cry, so after calming her a little, they left.

Her calmness evaporated quickly, however, and she began another fit of hysterical crying, startling all the other residents. The caregivers ran in again to the woman. Suddenly, I heard myself saying, “There’s a monster on my body. It scares me. There’s a big bug tangled in my shirt!” I was talking loudly, without thought, shouting out the message I was receiving from the poor woman.

The caregivers were looking at me, puzzled. I said, “Look in her shirt. There’s a bug there.” They skeptically looked into the woman’s shirt and shook it. A large bug flew out of it and landed on her nose.

The old woman began to cry again, frightened of the bug on her nose.

“Sush, sush, fly away!” a caregiver said, pushing it off of the woman’s nose.

The old woman looked directly at me. Her face blossomed with a beautiful, toothless smile. I heard her say in her mind, “Thank you, Ma’m!”

Sonia Rinaldi Uses of ITC to Connect with Nonverbal People

The most promising communication with a person unable to communicate through normal means is being done by Sonia Rinaldi, a Brazilian researcher who has been very successful in communicating with people on the next planes of life Using Instrumental Transcommunication. She now uses Instrumental Transcommunication to communicate with people who have Alzheimer’s, ALS, are autistic nonverbal, and even normal, but asleep. Read about Sonia’s research. When Sonia’s method is perfected, AREI is hoping to make the instructions for using it available to hospitals and other healthcare facilities so they can use it to communicate with nonverbal patients. Read more about Sonia Rinaldi’s work . . .

Nonresponsive Person Guided Connections

Craig Hogan has developed an online training program similar to the Self-Guided Afterlife connections procedure training that enables family members to communicate with individuals on the earth plane unable to communicate through normal means. AREI will be testing the procedure to determine its validity. Read about the procedure

A Reiki Practitioner Communicates with a Nonverbal Person

AREI has published a book by Bonnie Crosier, a Reiki practitioner, describing how she was able to carry on telepathic conversations with a woman who was paralyzed and unable to communicate. The title of the books is A Falling Star, published by AREI’s Greater Reality Publications. Bonnie encouraged the woman to allow her conscious to go away from the body. The woman joined Bonnie out of body at various places away from the facility in which her body was paralyzed and unable to communicate.


A Medium Communicates with the Minds of People Unable to Communicate

Medium Joe Higgins has communicated with the minds of people unable to communicate. As a result, he has learned about their needs and feelings in ways that people cannot. AREI is looking for other Reiki practitioners, mediums, or intuitives who have been able to communicate with nonverbal clients. Eventually, we hope to have a list of them to provide to hospitals and facilities such as Alzheimer’s care facilities.