Developing and Translating Websites for Afterlife Workers

AREI helps afterlife researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners by producing or translating websites at no charge to the individuals. Our members have developed websites for Guided Afterlife Connections psychotherapists, have retrieved and reinstated the website for a philosopher in afterlife studies, and have translated the website of a pioneer in Instrumental Transcommunication to make it available in English.

Making Philosopher Michael Roll’s Website Available

The well-known philosopher about afterlife communication, Michael Roll, had lost his website when the host abandoned it. AREI located the website using the Wayback Internet Archive system and set up the website on AREI’s hosting service. The website is at

Translating Hans Otto König’s Website into English

Hans Otto König, a professional electroacoustics technician living in Mönchengladbach, Germany, has developed successful ITC devices to communicate with people living on other planes of reality. Today, he is working with a device based on quartz-crystals irradiated with ultraviolet light, which he calls HRS (Hyper-Raum-System or Hyperspace System).

In an effort to bring König’s work to a wider audience among English and German speakers, AREI is cooperating with König to translate his website into English and German: König’s website

The translation was performed by AREI member Evelyn Meuren, Lake Garda, Italy.