Making Afterlife Studies Materials Available

AREI is identifying curriculum materials, books, radio interviews, videos, and other resources to provide an online university with clear, accurate explanations of the nature of reality, humankind’s place in eternity, the other planes of life, afterlife communication, occurrences before, during and after the death transition, and all other topics having to do with the truth we now know about humankind and the greater reality. AREI will be promoting the resources we locate that we believe will be most helpful to people. As necessary, AREI will help developers create resources. Subject-matter experts from all areas of afterlife studies will contribute to the curriculum.

The resources will then be made available to local groups such as grief-support groups, circles, Meetups, Lyceums, and other groups that meet regularly to learn about the topics.

If you have training materials in the afterlife, the transition from the earth plane, afterlife communication, or related fields, let us know about them so we can consider putting them into the AREI University.

If you have a circle, Meetup, Lyceum, or other such discussion and learning group, or if you would like to start such a group locally, let us know. We will support your group and provide discussion and training materials.