The Institute’s Goals

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., was founded with six goals:

  • To support general afterlife research and education that will help humankind understand eternal life and our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical experience
  • To encourage the development and enhancement of methods of afterlife communication so every person is able to communicate with loved ones in the afterlife
  • To teach people how to use the methods of afterlife communication to connect with loved ones living on the other side of life
  • To support work in preparing for and making planned, loving, comfortable transitions from the earth plane to the next plane of life
  • To teach people about the other realm called the afterlife, guides, helpers, entities, the nature of reality, and the consciousness that is our eternal selves
  • To support efforts to help humankind understand and embrace the spirituality that is evolving from our understanding of the afterlife so we live in love, peace, and joy with all the world’s people